Glow is developed inhouse by Posten Bring Group

Logistics and innovation is in our DNA

Posten Bring Group was founded in 1647 and has become one of the largest logistics groups in the Nordics, with more than 14 000 employees in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Glow was originally developed inhouse by Posten Bring Group, and Posten Bring Group has used Glow in it’s operations since 2018.

Our vision

At Glow our vision is to make the world smaller and everyday life simpler – for you and your drivers, but above all, for your customers and delivery recipients. Glow delivers on that vision. It enables an improved delivery experience thanks to cloud-based, customer-centric technology that optimizes your operations.

The need to innovate and adapt to stay ahead

Posten Bring Group have been at the forefront of development in postal services and logistics since 1647. In recent years, the growth of e-commerce and last-mile deliveries have power-charged massive changes across the entire logistic industry. Posten Bring Group needed a system that would make it possible to meet the new expectations from recipients and customers, with a strong focus on creating the best recipient experience on the market. The solution? To build the system of our dreams ourselves; Today better known as Glow.

How Glow started

“After scanning the market we decided to develop our own system. There was no system that could match all our demands and adjust to our complex business good enough”

Jerker Dammbro, CEO Glow

The need to innovate and adapt to stay ahead

The solution: Glow

Posten Bring Group has unlocked several business benefits by using Glow


Increased productivity


Decrease in handling time for claims cases


Increased recipient satisfaction