Meet Glow

The next-generation delivery platform, focused on customer experience

Glow orchestrates all parts of your logistics, into a holistic and easy-to-use system

With Glow you get more satisfied customers and optimized logistics, thanks to an automated route planner and user-friendly driver app. In addition, real-time tracking, precise delivery times and smooth communication with your customers and the recipients allows you to provide a premium end-to-end delivery service.

Modules in Glow

«Glow is extremely good. Dispatchers are very happy with it, the driver experience has improved and the recipient experience is a game changer.»

COO, Bring

Trusted by logistics teams, drivers, customers and recipients in the Nordics






Retailers and suppliers

Offer superior experiences to every user

  •  Exceed customers and recipients expectations with features like flexible delivery options, real-time tracking and ETA-communication.

  •  Customize the interface with your own or your
    customers branding

  •  Differentiate from your competitors with the Customer portal, where your customers can view live tracking of shipments and book deliveries manually

Increase productivity and secure growth

  •  Improve efficiency and productivity in your logistics operations

  •  Handle customer and business growth without staffing

  •  Get visibility, control and insights at your fingertips

Integrate with ease and rely on stability

  •  Integrate with ease and rely on stability

  •  Glow integrates easily with your existing systems

  •  A cloud based and reliable platform

  •  With the flexible modules you can use it as your full TMS or a last mile delivery system

Position your company as a sustainable business

  •  Optimize your routes and reduce your carbon footprint

  •  Visualize your green initiative

  •  Get reports that helps you with environmental compliance

With logistics in our DNA, we know what it takes

With logistics in our DNA, we know what it takes
As a large logistics company with long traditions and experience using Glow in our own operations, we know what it takes to make the move to Glow. With our guidance we will help you make the transformation to a fully digital way of working as smooth as possible.

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